Growing up, I found myself drawn to activities typically associated with boys. From playing the drums to indulging in my passion for football, these pursuits filled me with a sense of exhilaration. Football, in particular, consumed much of my childhood, with countless hours spent developing my skills on the streets.

At the age of 12, I was given the opportunity to join my local city team—a dream come true. However, my excitement was short-lived as my father intervened, citing societal expectations about femininity. “You’re a woman,” he said, “and women are meant to have beautiful legs, not footballer’s legs.” With that, my aspirations of pursuing football professionally were abruptly quashed.

I redirected my energy towards music, discovering a profound love for drumming and, eventually, singing. Music became my confort, filling the void left by the absence of sports, which had once been my passion.

Leaving home at a young age, I went to Rome to study graphic design and typography—a field predominantly occupied by men. Despite facing challenges in a male-dominated industry, I persevered. Following a series of setbacks, I made the bold decision to relocate, seeking new opportunities in a foreign land.

My journey led me to London, where I stumbled upon my newfound passion for graffiti and street art. However, as a female artist in a largely male-dominated industry, I found myself navigating an uncertain territory. Yet, fueled by my passion, I started on a year-long solo expedition across East Africa, painting walls and floors with vibrant murals.

Upon my return, I found a community of female graffiti and street artists, collectively known as the Wom Collective. Together, we forged bonds and shattered stereotypes, proving that women could thrive in this challenging industry.

Painting murals on the streets is no easy feat—it’s physically demanding and mentally exhausting. Perhaps this is why it remains a male-dominated domain, among other factors. I’ve endured injuries and setbacks in my pursuit of perfection, pushing myself to the brink. Yet, in my relentless pursuit of excellence, I neglected my well-being, only to realize the importance of self-care and acceptance.

I’ve learned that as artists, we each have our own journey, with unique challenges and limitations. It’s essential to recognise our individuality and prioritise our mental and physical health above all else. Despite the obstacles we face, our passion and resilience empower us to break barriers and redefine norms in the world of street art.

For me, street art has been liberating—a medium through which I can express myself on a big scale. The rewards of seeing a finished mural are endless, and I feel privileged to share my creativity with the world.

Transitioning street art into a professional career presents its own challenges, requiring adaptation and conformity. Yet, among the pressures of commercialisation, I found myself yearning to return to my roots—to express myself authentically.

Returning to YouTube, my favorite social media platform, felt like coming home. Teaching others brings me immense satisfaction and allows me to master my skills while providing support to those who may not have access otherwise.

Reflecting on my journey, I am grateful for the creative path I’ve embarked upon. As a child, my only desire was to express  my creativity in all its forms. While the road has been fraught and failures with challenges, creativity has served as my guiding light—a powerful tool for self-expression and authenticity. Through creativity, I’ve not only discovered new opportunities but also found a profound connection between my mind and body, allowing me to live life on my own terms.


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