The wolf of the forest


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The wolf represent deep faith and profound understanding. One of the most popular legend is the 'lupa' which appears with' the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. It is said that she didn't just nurtured the brothers, she also prepared other Roman hero's to be tough and fearless in the battle.

It is said that the wolf is a symbolic nod to give all the knowledge and resources we can to those who needs support to succeed in the world. At last wolves are also seen as guardian in Celtic mythology. Indeed, Celts became friendly with them, and rely on them for both protection of threat and aid in hunting.

I love to watch the world from another prospective. I love mythology and alchemy. Art helps me to express my deep fears and passions, exposing myself to the world. My animals represent my guardians who will protect me and those who belong in my community, during one of the many journeys of my life/ lives.

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