The goddess of earth

The heart of duality with ‘Earth Goddess,’ a skate deck painting that transcends not just art but also into the very essence of our existence. At its core, it include the eternal dance of opposites – day and night, light and dark, good and bad – that has shaped the narrative of our planet throughout history.

‘Earth Goddess’ reveals two enigmatic women, placed in graceful symmetry yet expressing contrasting energies. They are the embodiments of the dichotomy that defines our world, each representing one side of the eternal struggle between opposing forces. Their vibrant and opposite colours serve as a visual testament to the intricate balance of nature and the human experience.

This painting it’s a profound reflection of our own inner journey.

In times of light, you’ll find yourself drawn upwards, towards the celestial realms where possibility and enlightenment are unreal.  Yet in moments of darkness, your eyes will naturally drift downwards, grounding you in the depths of introspection and self-discovery.

This is the mirror of the complexities of our own lives and choices. Just as the goddesses stand in opposition yet complement each other, so too do the dualities within ourselves. This is why I embraced these contradictions – light and dark, joy and sorrow, growth and stagnation – to truly come to understand the richness of the human experience which simply life.



Title: The goddess of earth | Medium: Acrylic and spray on skateboard deck | Year: 2022 | Size: 020×80 cm

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Thank you for taking the time to read it through, it truly means everything to me.



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