The magic bee


Circular painting A4 – 40 x 20 x 4.3 cm

Spray cans, Acrylic and stencil on wood drum.

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"In the cold of the forest we shall find peace. In the power of animals we shall find strengths. In the hidden space of our self we shall find truth."

Bees are very important for our environment and for our health because they serve as pollinators for all plants we eat. There are other insect who do so, however bees are the most efficient and organised.

Due to pesticides, pollution and more, these beings are increasingly loosing their habitat, resulting as the most endangered fly insects.

With my art I want you to stop and look at the world with a different prospective, I invite you to reflect and to pause looking what is around you. Imagine a world where a spiritual evolution is made through love, compassion and truth. Imagine a new world this is why I want to share my art with you today.


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