The Strengths of a Leopard – Original Painting


Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper 300 gr
A3 – 21 x 29,7 cm


The leopard is one of the five "Panthera" species and was regarded as vulnerable in 1986.
It is native of desert or semidesert and it is comfortably compared to lions and tigers in terms of strength and agility. Human expansions has cost leopards an estimated 66% of their range in Africa.
They are the most widespread and adaptable of the big cats. They usually drag their killed prey up into trees to protect them from hyenas.

Female leopards can give a birth any time of the year and the cubs born without any visible spots.
In alchemy leopard is represented by the symbol of strength: mercury (life and death) sun (perfection of mind, body and soul) and the moon (metal and silver). The collar is put on the leopard when he tries to pray animals in the farms. To stop him to hunt the leopard is sedate and put asleep. They put the collar to ensure that the leopard have no issues once is free.


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