I contacted Alex around two months ago with a big challenge. My company was attending a big conference and we wanted to do something completely different from the normal booth. Alex helped us develop the idea little by little, after having several meetings between our team and her we manage to find the final idea. The execution of this one was not easy as we had a big booth (9SQM) and it required a bit canvas (5mx2.1m) and a lot of attention to detail. Thanks to Alex that walked us through all the process, we manage to take care of every little aspect of the booth. The result was amazing at the conference. We printed stencils with different words related to mental health challenges and people could come by and spray on the canvas with Alex’s help, as she was guiding them on how to do it correctly, and at the end of the conference we revealed a message that we had sticked with vinyl letters. Alex was helpful from the beginning, her energy was amazing during the conference and most importantly she believed and understood our mission, which made it so easy for her to engage in conversations with our prospects when they were passing by at the booth. Will definitely work again with Alex it was a pleasure!